Sunday, May 11, 2014


With Each transfer the next goes faster.

This week was so packed full. To start it off with an exchange from the Zone leaders. It was so awesome. I went into it with some goals about the language and about the work, Because I have a vision for Nitra this transfer alone or at least by the time I leave here to see it grow and to help these people and find those who are prepared, and bring those who have seen the light back. 

He really helped me see how I was going to do this and what I needed to do to reach the Goal. Then He got me really excited to find people and to teach them the Gospel of Christ because it has helped me so much in my life. I know it is true and I know through the Book of Mormon and prayer they can know it to. 

Then we went on exchanges and I was given a commitment to help the other elders get excited about finding people as well. The Elder I was with is also knew to the area and I told him of how I wanted to see growth and strength in Nitra and he got way pumped and we went out and found 3 awesome people and a group of teenages that... well one of them has protential, the others could someday so we invited them to english. 

Then we had District Conference and we got to go to Brno and hear a general athority of the 70 speak. It was so awesome. I also got to sit with some Members from Bratislava that are so AWESOME and that I missed a lot. They are doing great, and I hope they always keep up the good work there while I am gone. 

We had a training right after that and I got to ride with Sister McConkie and he 3 boys and another Elder from the Confrence to the Training and that was awesome. They are so great. We had a great training about doing our part to plan and study and keep our stuff organized. It was exactly what I needed. 

I know the Lord answers prays. I have been praying of how I can improve, of how I can become the Missionary and the person God needs me to be. of how I am going to reach the Goal that I have for Nitra. Of how I can help the work and he answered them through these things this week. Heavenly Father listens, He loves us, He wants to help us. Thats why when we need help and we pray for it in the name of Jesus Christ, I KNOW He will answer. If you havent prayed and asked for his help in life or choices or even just to thank him DO IT. HE HEARS YOU and will answer.

Let me tell you a little about Nitra right now.

Nitra is a small town that was opened to the missionaries a year ago so I am the 15 missionary in it or something like that. There are members here that have been members through communisim and if you look up the history of the Church in Czech and Slovakia you will read of a yoga class, I have met people that were in that. The longest member lives here in Nitra, her name is Sister žiškova. She is around 70 I think and she was baptized when she was 8. She has some great stories. 
We have about 4 active member and one of them is leaving on a mission to the German Alpin mission. Two of the members live in Nitra the others live on little villages outside of Nitra and some take about at hour and a half to get to church because of train times and busses to nitra are not really very good especially on weekends. Nitra is also know for Schooling. There are 2 different colleges here and so there are a lot of students that go home on the weekends. So we go tracting a lot of the time. 

We met with this girl named Monica this last week and She is so great. We met with her on a bench outside the building, because the other Elders couldn't make it to a building because they had a lesson, and they need to be there because we cant be in the building alone with someone of the opposite gender without someone of our own gender there. We also try to work with members as well. Anyways, we were on the loudest road in Nitra and all the construction trucks were driving through, there was a couple that were yelling at each other behind us and over us, but that didn't effect us. While Satan was doing all he could to distact her, We were doing the oppisite. When we taught she listened and when we asked her questions she answered. She is so great and the lessons was one of the best that I have had even if I was stumbling over my words the whole time. At the end we asked her to read the Book of Mormon and she was like " I read the Bible, but I will read this as well." We have another meeting set up with her for this Friday. She is so cool and so willing to listen and learn.

Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to Heaven anyways. 

s laskou,

Starší Asay

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