Sunday, May 11, 2014


Hello again,
This week was fast. We have been working on a lot of stuff this week
and I have been trying to get used to my new area. I has been hard but
at the same time it has been good for me. Elder Ringger is a great
guy. We are a lot a like in some ways and in others not so much but so
is life. He is a great Elder.
We have done a lot of interesting things for Easter we have learned a
lot about the Holiday traditions here. For example the people here
have a three day long Easter where most if not all the stores are
closed, and the librarys as well. hence the reason that I am late this
week getting you a letter. Men also go around, on monday, sprinkling
water, or perfume i guess, on girls and then the girls give the men
candy It is really only the close friends that do this though. It is
considered weird otherwise for some reason.
We didnt get a lot of meetings this last week because a lot of our
investigators dont live in nitra. You see nitra is a small town that a
lot of people come to for college. So on weekends and Holidays most of
the College students head home to there villages. It makes finding on
weekends and teaching with the members a little harder. However it is
possible because Heavenly Father and President McConkie have asked it
of us and we will be able to do it because he is a man that is called
of God and that can and does recieve revolation for us in the work.
needless to say we go tracting on the weekends.
I hope everyone had a great Easter and that when you think about
Easter think not only of the fact that we will all be reserrected but
also think of the Atonement and its part in the plan of Salvation. if
there is anything that I have learned this last week it is that It
really is only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that Heavenly
Fathers Plan is possible. Through his Atonement we can be blessed and
forgiven so that when we are reserrected we can live with God again.
God has a plan for you and for me, he will show you yours if you are
looking to accomplish it. I know He lives, I know Jesus Christ Lives
and is our Savior and Redeemer. I know that I can live with Heavenly
Father and all those that I love again for Eternity if I live
Righteously and do my best to follow Gods plan.
Remember that when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, You will be
closer to heaven anyways.
s laskou,
Starší Asay

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