Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2914

Yep thats right I am in Nitra now and ready for a great transfer.
From what I have seen of this town it is beautiful and one that is great and ready. I have now moved from the smallest "worst" apartment to the largest "Best" in slovakia for missionaries. I only say that because that is what every missionary has said. I really liked my last apartment, even though it was small and was a pain to keep clean, it was where I was trained and it really seemed like home to me. I havent seen this new one yet but here is what I know it is one of the only, if not the only, apartments that has AC in the hot humid summers of slovakia. The Lord has blessed me in my time of need :) Because the summer months are right around the corner.
I don't know much about here yet but I do know that there are some amazing people that are ready to hear the gosple. My companion Elder Ringer is a great elder and is the District leader. This will be quiet the fun tranfer.
For those who are wondering, I havent seen confrence yet we will be watching it this next weekend over the internet while the ward members watch the slovak translated version. I really hope that we get to watch all the sessions. It will probably  be at the church house, which is another small apartment sized place that hopefully by the end of this transfer will have to be changed to a bigger place because there is to many members for that small place.
well I better go. I hope to know how you are doing and that you are enjoying the Lords hand in your life because he is there and he will never leave you.
Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,

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