Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 14,2014

Hey so this week will be kinda short because I have to send some pictures home to my family, but here we go.
I am now here in Nitra. at first it was really weird. The appartment is a good one but it only has carpet under the coffee table in our living room, but we do what we can to keep it down for the neighbors, you know me blasting mo tab. just kidding but we do have a huge sound system that we have music playing on some times, not loud though.
Anyways we had a good first few days. We found a new potential each day for the first three. One is named miroslav and he is way cool. He believes that we all have Godly potential, which we do. The next lesson with him is plan spasy and I am so excited, it will be a great lesson.
My new companion is Elder Ringger, he is a great guy and has been out only 3 transfers more then me. He is from utah but has lived in New York and seattle. He is taller then me and well you will see in the pictures.
Anyways, we got to watch conference this last week and I watched the priesthood session and half saturday afternoon in english because no one can. We meet in a little apartment space where we only have two rooms and a bathroom, but we are hopping to fill it up so much this transfer that we have to get a bigger place to fit all the new members. We had an investigator come to the sustaining part of conference then he had to go so we are going to watch the talks about family with him some time. He is great. Well I am doing great here hope all is well there.
s laskou,
Elder Asay

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  1. So Im looking for pics of elder asay, any idea?