Monday, March 24, 2014

Mar 24,2014

Dont your judge the spelling.... I have been away from studying english for a while... :)

Anyways, This week have been a great week, we have done some exchanges and I have been able to get to know some of the missionaries here. 

We had a great lesson with a less active. This man is amazing. His name is Tomas. He is a concert pianist and is professional. He performs in all kinds of places like austrialia and slovakia. He is a very busy man and plays the piano at a evanjelik church. He hasent been able to come to church for a long time because of the contract that he has with that church, but it ends in june or sometime like that and then he said he will be coming back to our church, because "it just makes sense." He is so awesome.

We challenged him to start reading the Book of Mormon again and he has been teaching us about what he has read ever since. It was an amazing lesson with him because he was teaching us about the angel that showed nefi what his fathers vision of the tree of life ment. It was so cool to just see how everything clicked in his head as he taught us about what the vision ment. This man is amazing. 

We are also having a Easter Concert, were we will be singing songs about the Savior and his love and that glorious day, and he has offered to play in it, he also has a friend coming that plays the violin, it will be so great. I am so excited.

We also had a man that we contacted and as soon as we said we have a message about Christ and the Book of Mormon he said great where can we go. So we taught him a lesson in the building just down the road. It was a great lesson to, we are now trying to work with him but he is busy a lot of the time. 

So in other words this week has been so great. It has been hard, but the Lord has deffinitly blessed us a lot, and that is what we need to look for. The sacrifice, will bring for the blessings of heaven, after all the Lord has promised many things. 

Just a thought, if you are readying this and are wondering if you want to go on a mission, I would suggest the talk by Elder Carlos E. Asay,
The Blessings of Sharing the Gospel - Ensign Oct. 1985 - ensign It is a great talk and I know it has so much information in it that will help you even if you are not trying to make that choice, read it, its a good one. 

and with that I am out from a cloudy day in Bratislava,

s Laskou 

Starší Asay

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