Monday, March 10, 2014


Ako sa maš?
I hope you are great because today is a great day. This week has been great, my companions surgery went well and I got to spend some time with my mission president because of it. My Companian is now stuck at home not aloud to go out, but he is only a little sore from the surgery. He will be up and running in no time.
This week has been a lot of preparing and now I only have about 5 hours outside. I am going on splits each day with another companionship and we are finding people. We found one man yesterday that is from india, but grow up in france. He is so cool and open. we met with him today and it was quite interesting because I was with a new missionary so there is me who has only been out for a transfer and then there is him who has only been out for a month. We taught it and Elder Roosendal bore his testimony and it was way awesome. That lesson was in english and he wants to learn more.
Tonight we have another lesson in slovak that it will still be me and the new missionary, I am nervous, but we have a member that speaks english and slovak and the man understands some english so we will try our best and the Lord will make up the rest.
This week has been great though with Elder Lamb inside he is calling people and setting up meetings and we are going out and teaching while we find Finding while we teach.
Hope all is well in good old US of A
Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel
s laskou
Elder Asay

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