Thursday, February 6, 2014

January 27 2014

Well it is such a beautiful day today with the snow falling and the wind blowing just a little bit. I can't wait to go contacting.

We have had such a wonderful week. It started off with a great exchange. I was able to work with Elder Rasmussen, who came out to the field the transfer before me. So it was two new missionaries out on Bratislava. I think we did really good though, we held our own with the language well enough, and we were able to have a lesson with a member, who I taught in the MTC over Skype for practice.  
We did a lot of contacting, and had a few lessons fall through, but we also found a lot of other people who are almost ready to hear the Gospel. I hope that we will be led to those who are prepared this week. Oh and it's the last week of this transfer so next week I might not get to email if I have to move to a different city. I will know by saturday evening. 

Hope all is well sorry it's so short this week, but the work will go on.

When life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to Heaven anyways.

-Elder Asay

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