Monday, February 24, 2014


(Josh wrote in his personal letter to us that he has lost 18 pounds and doesnt fit in any of his clothes.)

So yes in answer to your question I am a morning person thank you very much :)

Anyways Ahoj

I hope all is great and that you know that the Lord loves you. 
This week has been really interesting, okay lets just say that this transfer has been really interesting because my companion and I have been to the hospital more times than I ever think I have been before. He is having a surgery this next week and he is staying here in Bratislava. When I said interesting that's not what you expected to read is it. Anyways 

We have been working hard and trying to make is so that when he is down I can go with other elders and teach the people. You see that's how it works, but anyways we have been having a great week otherwise. We have been contacting a lot and singing and talking with members. On Valentines Day we went out contacting and we have these cards that have a couple in wedding clothes, so we handed out a lot of those cards this past week. 

We almost had a training, meaning we traveled there an hour and a half on bus and then had to travel back after ten minutes because we got a call saying that the only way the Elder Lamb was going to be able to have the surgery this next week was if he got the blood test and the doctor that analyzes it was going to leave the next day for america so he had to have the blood in that day. In a miracle of events we traveled all the way across Brno and bought our tickets and got on the train just in time, like we sat down and a minute later the train started moving. we did all that in 30 minutes every tram was on time and the train wasn't running later but a ticket window opened just in time and everything worked out. Then we got to the hospital with a little time to spear. We could not do that ever again even if we planned it. The Lord has a way to accomplish the impossible and he does it for sure. 

The Lord has is way and we need to trust him enough to follow it, because it is perfect.

I hope all is well

and remember, when life gets to hard to stand, kneel you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,
Elder Asay

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