Thursday, February 13, 2014


Well here I am,

and everything is moving along.

Elder Lamb and I get along great and he makes sure that I am not stressing to much. This week has been crazy. We have had a little bit of organizing to do, after all he is the district leader, and we got a new area in Bratislava so now there are 8 missionaries here, HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?!?!

We have been looking around town for good places to make boundaries for each area, while contacting of course, so that way we don't all contact at the same time in the same place. we are getting along great and everything is getting organized.

We have really started to work with our less actives this last week and have appoints throughout all next week with them. We really want to work with them this transfer and really get them started on coming back. I can't wait to see how this transfer turns out. It will be a blast. I really like it here. and love to get to know these people. The language is coming and it's awesome to be here at this time when the church is just starting here.

I hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying life to the fullest,

remember, when life gets to hard to stand, kneel, you will be closer to heaven anyways.

s laskou,

Elder Asay

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