Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Letter to family I found interesting so I want him to remember it. 1-7-14

Here I am again Family,

It sounds like your new year celebration was a blast. I hope you know it goes great here and that I am healthy and strong (I think so anyways.) 

It's great here we have a lesson tonight with a less active and he is doing great we just wanted to meet with him and get to know him a little better because he has started to come to church all the time. 
We have a lot of people that said that we could call them and set up a meeting this next week so wish us luck there. 

They do have that milk here mom it makes me really happy and now I can make the recipe and any others would be great. Dad I have learned that there is a lot of mushroom stuff over here. People will just go into the forest and pick them then cook them. I have started to get a taste for them I wouldn't put them in anything but if they are there I will eat them... except on pizza. 

I hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying themselves. Dylan and colby are still likeing having their own rooms? are they able to keep them perfectly clean, like they said they would be able to? and who is cleaning the bathroom?

anyways We dejunked our appartment this last p day and so it is nice fresh and clean. and oh man do I love it. 

So that is about it for this week I can't wait to here from you next week and hope the b of m reading is going well. I love you all 

Remember, When life gets to hard to stand kneel.

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