Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 10

Hello from here is Bratislava,
Yes, I made it here in one piece. It is quite interesting and I think
its waaaaaaaaay colder than saint george will ever get... oh wait...
... ... this just in... really? it snowed there like 12 inches? oh...
ha.. ha ha ha.... what kind of a joke is this... oh it's not... well
this is awkward...
anyways... Yes I made it here all in one piece. ready to go. more or
less. My comp. is awesome he is looking out for me and helping me with
everthing so far. The Language is coming along now and I put some
stuff in every lesson usually... it helps that only two of our lessons
went through and one of them was in English, but hey you do what you
can right? Anyways We got to prague and spent the night there after
eating and hearing some amazing stories of the people that provided a
way so that the church could be recognized and all about the Slovakia
miracle. We walked around and walked through a castle in prague. Then
went tracking on the subway for a bit. We couldnt take to long because
it was a fast trip and I didnt do all that much talking anyways, but
it was such a blast. We then stayed at a bed and breakfast for the
night and reported back to the Mission home the next morning.
We had a wonderful breakfast of cereal and juice and fruit, real fresh
fruit it was amazing. All the Czech Elders and Sisters then went to
work on visa stuff and me, my two comps., and Sister Seninger studied
during that time listening to our new companions walk up the stairs
outside the door because I weren't quite aloud to meet them yet.
When the Czech Elders and Sisters got back we all went upstairs and
had a small devotional. Then met our new companions. Mine is Elder
Frederickson, He is awesome, and is doing all he can to keep me on
time to everywhere. He involves me as much as he can in the lessons
and is always wondering how he can help me. We have shared some really
funny stories and have gotten to know each other really well. He is
also very patient with me.
Well the moment we got in he started to make calls for the next day. I
opened my stuff up and as soon as he finished we desided we werent
hunger and he took me to start ringing doorbells... do keep in mind
this is after about 20 minutes of being in Bratislava. He got me right
to work and i am so glad that he did. I also wasn't the only one
headed here. Sestra Seninger was also called to train here and we are
in the same district again. Its really nice to see a familiar face and
get to know so many other people.
We tract everyday and we have set up some appointments with some. We
talk to a lot of people everyday and teach lessons to others. I got
the cream of the pot because not only did I get to send Halloween and
Thanksgiving in the MTC, but my first Sunday here was the primary
program. It was truly amazing to see all 5 kids get up and sing and
say their parts. Oh and we don't have a building here so the church
owns an office space in one of the buildings and that is where we have
church and lessons with our investigators and everything else. It is
kind of really cool because we get to see all the members at once and
we will get to see it grow.
The food is good, I had hlušky for my first time ever yesterday /
Sunday, and it was so good. For those who don't know hlušky is one of
the main dishes of Slovakia. Its dumplings with bacon chucks and lots
of cheese. It is so good, but still nothing to Moms Homemade food.
other then that we have basically just been making regular food, fried
rice, spaghetti, cereal, etc. So if you have any quick easy recipes
send them in because that's about all we know how to make... oh and
roman we have roman.
I go running every morning except Sunday, and only one day was there
snow on the ground, otherwise its been about the same with temperature
I want everyone to know that This is the True Church of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the leader and he will never lead us astray. I see
miracles every day and I see people that dont quite get that. My
challenge this week the things I really to leave you with. PRAY and
READ THE BOOK OF MORMON every day they will bring you closer than you
have ever been to our Heavenly Father. and DO MISSIONARY WORK. This is
the time for member and missionaries to work together so get on that
please. Help those that you see, care enough about them to bring them
the joy and light of this gospel, and SMILE EVER DAY it can make
someones day and I know it will help you have a better day.
I must go and write to my mission president now, but know that this
life is a gift and when life gets to hard to stand, kneel.
P.S. Dont get sick from all the snow.
P.P.S The City is amazing there is some great architecture here and
the people here are nice and patient.

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