Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 10

Hello from here is Bratislava,
Yes, I made it here in one piece. It is quite interesting and I think
its waaaaaaaaay colder than saint george will ever get... oh wait...
... ... this just in... really? it snowed there like 12 inches? oh...
ha.. ha ha ha.... what kind of a joke is this... oh it's not... well
this is awkward...
anyways... Yes I made it here all in one piece. ready to go. more or
less. My comp. is awesome he is looking out for me and helping me with
everthing so far. The Language is coming along now and I put some
stuff in every lesson usually... it helps that only two of our lessons
went through and one of them was in English, but hey you do what you
can right? Anyways We got to prague and spent the night there after
eating and hearing some amazing stories of the people that provided a
way so that the church could be recognized and all about the Slovakia
miracle. We walked around and walked through a castle in prague. Then
went tracking on the subway for a bit. We couldnt take to long because
it was a fast trip and I didnt do all that much talking anyways, but
it was such a blast. We then stayed at a bed and breakfast for the
night and reported back to the Mission home the next morning.
We had a wonderful breakfast of cereal and juice and fruit, real fresh
fruit it was amazing. All the Czech Elders and Sisters then went to
work on visa stuff and me, my two comps., and Sister Seninger studied
during that time listening to our new companions walk up the stairs
outside the door because I weren't quite aloud to meet them yet.
When the Czech Elders and Sisters got back we all went upstairs and
had a small devotional. Then met our new companions. Mine is Elder
Frederickson, He is awesome, and is doing all he can to keep me on
time to everywhere. He involves me as much as he can in the lessons
and is always wondering how he can help me. We have shared some really
funny stories and have gotten to know each other really well. He is
also very patient with me.
Well the moment we got in he started to make calls for the next day. I
opened my stuff up and as soon as he finished we desided we werent
hunger and he took me to start ringing doorbells... do keep in mind
this is after about 20 minutes of being in Bratislava. He got me right
to work and i am so glad that he did. I also wasn't the only one
headed here. Sestra Seninger was also called to train here and we are
in the same district again. Its really nice to see a familiar face and
get to know so many other people.
We tract everyday and we have set up some appointments with some. We
talk to a lot of people everyday and teach lessons to others. I got
the cream of the pot because not only did I get to send Halloween and
Thanksgiving in the MTC, but my first Sunday here was the primary
program. It was truly amazing to see all 5 kids get up and sing and
say their parts. Oh and we don't have a building here so the church
owns an office space in one of the buildings and that is where we have
church and lessons with our investigators and everything else. It is
kind of really cool because we get to see all the members at once and
we will get to see it grow.
The food is good, I had hlušky for my first time ever yesterday /
Sunday, and it was so good. For those who don't know hlušky is one of
the main dishes of Slovakia. Its dumplings with bacon chucks and lots
of cheese. It is so good, but still nothing to Moms Homemade food.
other then that we have basically just been making regular food, fried
rice, spaghetti, cereal, etc. So if you have any quick easy recipes
send them in because that's about all we know how to make... oh and
roman we have roman.
I go running every morning except Sunday, and only one day was there
snow on the ground, otherwise its been about the same with temperature
I want everyone to know that This is the True Church of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the leader and he will never lead us astray. I see
miracles every day and I see people that dont quite get that. My
challenge this week the things I really to leave you with. PRAY and
READ THE BOOK OF MORMON every day they will bring you closer than you
have ever been to our Heavenly Father. and DO MISSIONARY WORK. This is
the time for member and missionaries to work together so get on that
please. Help those that you see, care enough about them to bring them
the joy and light of this gospel, and SMILE EVER DAY it can make
someones day and I know it will help you have a better day.
I must go and write to my mission president now, but know that this
life is a gift and when life gets to hard to stand, kneel.
P.S. Dont get sick from all the snow.
P.P.S The City is amazing there is some great architecture here and
the people here are nice and patient.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elder Asays First Area and Companion

This morning Elder Asay met his companion – Elder Frederickson. Attached is a picture for you to enjoy.
Today they will travel to their area in a city called Bratislava.  It is approximately 4 hours away from Prague by train, in Slovakia.
Altogether there are 4 Elders and 2 Sisters serving in this city.

Bratislava is the capital city of a small country called Slovakia (not Slovenia). This country lays in the hearth of the Central Europe, although many people still find it as Eastern Europe. The direct neighbours of Slovak republic are Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Ukrain and Hungary.
Bratislava, related to the Slovakia, lays in the west of the country very near to the borders with Austria and Hungary. It is actually the only one capital city which borders with two othe countries.
Thanks to its position, it is not unusual to live in a small village in Austria and travel for work to Bratislava and vice versa. Bratislava is also very close to Vienna - the capital city of Austria. Thanks to the 60 km distance, these two cities are the closest two capital cities in Europe. That is why there are strong connections between these two old cities and also traveling from Bratislava to Wien is very easy - there are regular train, bus, or even boat links.
Together with hungaryan city Gyor and czech city Brno, this "fantastic four" forms an important central-european metropolitan region.
The city is very often called like an "Beautiful lady on Danube", because it spreads on the both sides of this river. Even though it lays mostly on the flat surface, the mountain Little Carpathians begin rigth behind the city. These mountains are favourite place for the weekend relax or short walkings in the nature.

According to Church Website Slovakia has a total of 221 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints with 4 Congregations.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How Josh spent his first day.

Dear Brother and Sister Asay

Your son, Elder Asay, has arrived safely in Prague. We are delighted to meet him!

Attached is a photograph for you to enjoy. It was taken with President and Sister McConkie when Elder Asay first arrived.

At the moment Elder Asay and his group are enjoying a ‘Prague Walk’ with the Assistants – Elder Knapp, Elder Boysen and Elder Sewell. This will help to keep them all awake until an early bed time. They will also have their first Czech dining experience. J
Tonight the Elders will stay together at this Pension just around the corner from the Mission Office.
 Tomorrow Elder Asay will meet his companion and they will travel to their area. I will email you again tomorrow with a picture of the two happy missionaries! I will also be able to tell you which area they will be serving in and a little bit about it.

Elder Asay will contact you on his P-Day to share his adventures. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

With warm regards from
Sestra Judy Munro
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Letter From Mission President


Badeniho 1
160 00  Praha 6
Czech Republic
Tel.: +(420) 224 322 215
Alan T. and Julie Asay
1220 Oak Circle 
Saint George, UTAH 84790 

                                                                                    3 December 2013


Dear Brother and Sister Asay,                    

Elder Alan J. Asay has safely arrived in the Czech/Slovak Mission. Sister McConkie and I are impressed with your son and want to thank you for all that you have done in preparing this wonderful young man for his mission.  In our estimation he is prepared and ready to “… preach the gospel to every creature that cometh under the sound of …(his) voice.” D&C 80:1.

Attached is a photograph of Elder Asay which was taken today just after he arrived in Prague.  After a good night’s rest, tomorrow he will be assigned a companion and an area in which to work. D&C 80:2-3. Elder Asay will be a blessing to the Czech and Slovak people as he declares gospel truth.  D&C 80:4.  We love him and pledge our best efforts in directing his service here.  We are confident that the Lord will stand with him in his service.
Your son has accepted a call that will change his life and the lives of those with whom he is serving.  These first few months will be full of new and challenging experiences, and your support in the form of encouraging and uplifting letters will help him greatly.
Our greatest hope is that each missionary with whom we serve has the kind of mission experience that will establish the foundation for a lifetime of service and discipleship. Thank you for your willingness to share Elder Asay with us.

With warmest regards,

James W. McConkie                                          Sister Laurel S. McConkie
Prezident Česká/Slovenská misie


Monday, December 2, 2013

Joshua left today 45 minutes late as his plane was delayed. I am such a weird dad that I tracked his plan all the way to Dallas Ft Worth. It got to 33000 ft. 627 mph and went 981 miles. The plane landed only 9 minutes late from it original arrival time. Good job pilots. He now has to sit at the airport for another 2 hrs.
We were able to talk to him for a while via phone from the SLC Airport. He sounded so good and was able to bear his testimony to us in Slovak so that was awesome, at least he can do that and ask for food and the bathroom what more do you need.

The tracking thing was so much fun that I think I will do it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to London. Hmm Yep till I go to bed.
Rock on Elder Asay for giving me another first. Keep it up...