Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 8 letter to everyone from the MTC

I am so excited, I just got a letter from the mission of what my first two days will be like. I can't wait I am so excited. I get my travel plans this week and I am so excited. So the language is hard, but it is coming and I know once I get there it wont sound at all like what I know anyways, so I will do my best. 

This week was really cool we had two great speakers; Sister Mary Ellen Edmunds and Brother and sister Aidukaitis.

Sister Edmunds talked of a lot of things and she was the funniest speaker that I have ever heard. She talked about getting Help from Heaven, and that is a capital H because it's from Heaven. Everyone may be called to the same mission, but my mission has not yet been served so I will go forth and serve deciding to serve with Them (T because its Heaven) EVERY DAY. Missions and life is not a competition. We must have a mighty change of mind before we can have a mighty change of heart.

Elder Aidukaitis and his wife brought up some really go points too.

John 16:33 
"I have overcome the world, be of good cheer." What does it matter what the world thinks if Christ has already overcome it? Remember that life isn't between you and the world it's between you and Heavenly Father.

Brother Aidukaitis talked of making decisions and knowing where your trip will end, Where do you want your final destination to be (D&C 76)? We always have a choice. 

This church is true I know it with every fiber of my being. I know Heavenly Father loves ALL his children and I want to show them that. 

I leave you with a challenge Tonight, after you read this, Get your journal and make that choice now. Where do you want to end up. Take a FULL PAGE and write "I _________ (insert name) have made the decision to inherit the ( Take the rest of the page and write in BIG LETTERS what kingdom you want to end up in.)

Enjoy your week, remember that God is always there and when life gets to hard to stand, kneel.

Elder Asay  

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