Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 7

How's it going? I miss you and hope you know I love you all.
I was so happy when I got you letters it made me so happy... Thank you Mom for the song I love it so much and thank you for telling me some of the meaning to you behind it. Thank you for the Poptarts too they make me so happy I was fasting one day and the next morning I was able to have a Poptart for breakfast, oh ya. 

So the reason that I wanted the lyrics to Johnny Rebeck was because there was one day that was really hard for me to stay focused and try the language learning. However that night in my prayer I asked God to watch over and protect me to help me get a good night sleep to that I could do better the next day. The moment I got into bed I rolled over and felt peace, I felt like someone was sitting behind me on my bed and just rubbing my shoulder, saying it's okay I am here to watch over you. It was then that the chorus of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Rebeck started going through my head and I knew who it was protecting me. I know Grandpa is so proud of you Dylan and Colby, you are both growing to be such great young men that Heavenly Father will need in these last days to gather the tribes of Israel, and Mom and Dad he knows you are doing your best and he loves you for that too. Heavenly Father Loves you all more than you know. 

We had L. Tom Perry come this week and I was in 3rd row... ya that's right eye contact, it was so awesome. His wife talked of how Heavenly Father is a personal God and Loves all of us equally, but knows us all individual, and if you need proof look at the first thing that Heavenly Father said to Joseph Smith. "One of them spake unto me,      
CALLING ME BY NAME and said, pointing to the other- This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him." He knows you by name I know this to be true. He knows you and cares, He sends angels to lift you up Doctrine and Covenants 84:88. 
Elder Perry spoke of Companionship  
He said that we must learn the gospel together. He said Gain the exciting history and knowledge of the Gospel that your companion has.

Together he says to 
1. Ask, seek, and knock spiritually
2.Teach with the scriptures.
3.Teach by the spirit
4.Be a good listener 
5.Never leave a congregation without bearing your solid witness of the Gospel.

You are all companions right now to learn and grow together, read and study together, and pray oft together.

When life gets you down, when your having a really hard day say pray and then look at the words to Dearest Children God is Near You. Change Children to your name and know he is with you. 

To Grandpa and Grandma Asay, 

Hey How are you all doing? I miss you so much and it's funny that I am closer to you than my Dad right now. I love you all and hope you are feeling better and hope that Grandma's legs aren't hurting any more. You are always in my prayers and I hope you are all going strong and forward. I miss you and Love you all.

To Grandma Stucki, 

I love you and hope you are doing well. I miss you and want you to know that the towel is being but to good use :). How are you doing? How is the weather treating you now that it's getting a bit chillier? I miss you and love you. 

I hope you all have a much better week than the previous one. I know God will help you and I know he loves each of you and so do I. The Thank you notes are on there way and I am so glad to have finished in time. Thank you so much I hope you can feel the love I want to give all of you right now. and know that I have the BEST TEACHERS here at the MTC. They care and are always wanting to help me.

I love you and Hope you know that. When life gets to hard to stand, kneel.
God will hear you.

Your Elder,
Elder Asay

P.s. I am the Zone Leader for my Zone and at first was scared of doing that and learning the language, but since I got call and fasted for help the Lord has helped me the Language is coming easier and I am able to show everyone that I care and want to help them.

Dad:Its all good love you hope the language is coming along but you never say

Josh: It is and it's a lot better now because I KNOW THE LORD WILL HELP ME WITH ANYTHING. He would NEVER set me up to fail. :) I love you 

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