Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 6

Well Hello again Family, 

Thank you for the letter Mom it helped me a lot and the Scriptures are awesome thank you so much. Sorry to have sent such a bummer letter last week. I just wanted you to know that I needed help, I still do but I have been working on some things a little differently, to try to learn a little better. 

First off I want to share some spiritual experiences with you. This week has been full of a lot of blessings and a lot of growth. I am no longer the District leader which is totally fine by me because now I have more time the study the language, so it helps. 
Anyways we have two devotionals that had things stick out to me this week
The first one was from Elder David T Seamons and his wife,

Sister Ann Seamons told us something that can help everyone here and there. She said, talking about the Holy Ghost, " There can be more than just comfort, it can bring us peace through our faith in Christ." Then her husband said this after her, "Our Savior over came everything, every Horror that Satan tried to throw at him. He did this so that we can now. He heals not only the transgressors, but all those that have been effected by it as well." They Brought up scripture study and everything really, One goal that I am really trying to work on now is the last hour of my day Its my Daily Personal Devotional, Scripture study, talk review, and a review of the day. That is my time to Immerse myself in the spirit, Its my own time to feast on his words, and learn the Doctrine. 

In another devotional we have Elder Zwick, of the 70, come. He was awesome I loved hearing him speak. His talk was mainly on being exactly obedient. I got a lot out of it, but as he spoke my thoughts turned to Dylan and Colby. So, to Dylan and Colby This is my advise to you this week; Trust Dad and Mom they know best for they have put their faith in God and pray for you every night. Heavenly Father answers them and gives them warnings to help you avoid physical and Spiritual Dangers. It may not make sense at the time, but the Lord know how much they love you and he will do all he can to make sure they can help you be safe. They love you and I love you and pray for you every night. 

To Dad I have one request for you please teach the YM how to use the preach my Gospel Right. Please read the intro with them so that they know there are activities in there for them to do during there scripture study. I would start with the first page of PMG, the first presidencies note. Consider; What is Preach My Gospel intended to do, Except the Commitments, and what is promised to you (hint it's not a lot of baptisms, but a sense of something). This would be a great YM's activity help them know that that book was writen by prophets in the temple of The Most High God, who has given them everything they need to serve. 

To Mom 
Thank you so much for your letter, I really did need those scriptures and thank you for reminding me that I have angels around me talking to me. two out of the three teachers I have have talked to me about the language, they are going to write out sentences to help me out so that I can get this down, One of them reminded me just as you did that I have angels here to help me, While I know that there are evil spirits Yelling at me, I know that I have the Power from God to tell them to leave, to tell them that they are wrong and that I CAN and WILL do this, because the Angels whispering fill me and touch my heart, The Evil spirit's words just fill my ears and for that i can develop spiritual ear plugs that only allow the Good to come in. The ear plugs of which I speak is the same Faith in Christ that Nephi talks about (Nephi 1:20). I now pray every night and morning asking for that faith because you should walk away from every spiritual experience with even more faith and praying even stronger to get more faith. Making it through every day is a spiritual experience. I love you Mom and I am doing my best to listen and HEED the spirits voice. 

I only have a few requests this week, I have been looking for a lot of help this week and I would ask for the lyrics to Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Rebeck, and the Lyrics to Dad's and Mom's favorite Older song, and Dylan and Colby's favorite Church song. I would also like a copy of what we can remember from when I got set-apart. Oh and the song Two year that I showed you before I left. I would love these just for a reminder of you guys every now and then. I know it's a lot, but you know when you have time. I LOVE YOU all and miss you. 

Remember, when life gets to hard to stand, Kneel,

Heavenly Fathers Solider,
Elder Asay 

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