Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 5

Dear Family, 

I have had a rough last few days. The language is getting harder because we are learning so much and it got to the point that I almost broke down in the middle of class, but I covered it up by bearing my testimony, It was a real testimony that I needed to hear about how the restoration provides comfort and help with trials, I didn't know what I was going to say, but then the words that came out of my mouth were not mine, but they were what I needed to hear. 

Thank you for letting me know about my FBI Check being sent in ... did I pass?

How did your interview go Dad? and thanks a lot now I want a ranch burger hmmmmmmm. Please don't send me one though, because it would smell way to bad.

There are times when I wish I was there helping you Dad with Tile or the back deck or other projects, but then i think when I get home and you are to old to do that than I can do it for you... just kidding I will be there to help, but I think i will get home way before you are too old. 

Thank you guys so much for the package it made my week. We still have a bunch of candy and yes Mom I am brushing and flossing every night, or at least I am trying, I think I missed one night maybe. I don't know though, because all the nights kinda just blur. The alarm clock works great and the note is hanging up right where I see it every night. p.s. Colby I am NOT going to forget that you are my brother... but thanks for the reminder. Also thank you for the pictures of Dylan and Colby I get to see them everyday now it's awesome. 

So guess who I saw this week... any guesses?..... ...... ........... My EFY Roommate he came this last week and we got to talk it was so awesome I loved it and it made my week so much better. I didn't even know he was coming, but there he was at the door holding it and he is serving somewhere in the states so I only get a couple of weeks to catch up with him. 

Okay now it's time for me to write about my week. Like I said, it has been hard, everyone else in class seems to be getting the language and I know I shouldn't compare myself to them, but it gets hard sometimes when I am supposed to be using as much of the language as I can and I can only use a little and they are just going on in the language. It gets hard and more then once this week i found myself wishing I could just get a hug from you Mom, knowing that if I try my best it would be okay. I really am trying to learn it and I am getting it, but it feels like I am not getting it fast enough sometimes. 
This morning in the temple I was sitting there telling Heavenly Father about it, asking him for a hug, because I needed one, I told him the language was hard and that I felt like I was getting left behind, and believe it or not I closed the prayer and picked up the scriptures just wanting to read a little in the celestial room and it opened to Ether 12 page 510 I smiled because i had no idea what I was going to read and as it fell open I almost didn't read it because it had been the scripture we had read the last few days in class. i guess I was just being stubborn and it took till after to realize it. I started in verse 22 and read time 29.... .... .... The Lord hears prayers and answers ALWAYS. He lives and wants to help i now this because as i read through it the second time i felt the peace that the temple provides more than ever.

In one of the devotionals this week we had Carlos A. Godoy of the 70 came. he talked about not judging others and teaching everyone no matter what they look like, see them in white. I want you to know that we all have a light in us, we just need to work on letting it shine. A smile, a compliment, a simple hi how are you. People see us and how happy we are and they come and check it out. There are two parts of conversion the Spiritual aspect and the social are two things converts need without knowing someone at church cares for them they could fall back again. 

Dad I am so excited to hear that your are challenging yourself with the blog. I will make sure to email you and email for it next week. I'm running out of time now so i will keep it in mind over this next week. Thank you so much for the support and love. Your letters make my day every day i get them. Thank you again so much for the music and for the help. I love you guys and I can't wait to see more pictures. I dressed up for halloween (which is "all saints day" in slovak) I was another missionary in our zone that I graduated with. I will send you a picture next week. because I can't right now so I promise i will. Thank you so much. Remember when life gets to hard to stand, kneel. He hears us, and he will answer. I love you and hope you know that.

Your Missionary from the Provo, Utah, 

Elder Alan Joshua Asay 

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