Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 4

My Dear Family,

That is great to hear about Kenzie I am so glad that she is recovering quickly. I am also so happy to hear about your trip I am so glad that you guys had such a great time. To mom I'm sorry to hear about the fact that you only got to go on the tower of terror twice, but hey now Dylan and Colby have been on it more than I have, so there you have it. So when you got back to the hotel room did you all pass out?

Anyways we had such an amazing week here at the MTC. So we have a devotional ever Sunday and Tuesday. The Tuesday one was the best this week we had brother Robbins from the 70s come and he and his wife had such a light and they were so funny it was awesome. I got a lot out of it but this is what I learned the most. No matter where or who I am talking to I need to always open my eyes and ears before I open my mouth. I need to look for clues and ways to connect to them. Number 2 I need to get up to bat and swing, meaning I need to Open my mouth with FAITH after I open my ears and eyes. Number 3 is there is no point in me trying to Bible bash, because this Battle is the Lords he will soften their heart but they have the right to choose. 

We talked about inviting investigators to church yesterday. We spoke of how and when and why and something that stood out to me was the fact that most investigators, there first time, see everyone as a representative of the church, which we are, but if someone says something or does something that is insulting to the investigator they see it as the church is not excepting of them instead of just the person. So just a reminder in all things you say and do you are a representative of Christ and his church as well. 

Now to Dylan and Colby, It took till now for me to see it, but everything you do now, everything that you experience now is preparing you for the mission that you promised our Heavenly Father you would serve so you could bring others unto Christ and give them the joy, the cleansing, the Pure Love of Christ that all our brothers and sisters deserve. You are both great young men of God, he is always there for you, he wont leave you alone ever. I Promise you this. Because Heavenly Father never expected us to do this alone.

As I was studying in personal study time I came across a scripture in Preach My Gospel, I can't remember it now but I know this is what I got from it. and this is how I wrote it down. "Be not afraid for fear is NOT something God gave us, but something Satan tries to stop us with." So I am asking you to be not afraid Heavenly Father doesn't give us the feeling of fear but of love, safety, peace, and joy. When you are afraid say a prayer and ask him to help you so that even if you stand alone (without anyone you can see there) you stand for the right.

 Now I want to leave you (everyone) with a challenge for when you pray. when you fall to your knees to speak with our Heavenly Father envision him right there by your side or in front of you. Talk to him, tell him about your day, the good and the bad, tell him what your excited for and let him know how your are.  

I love you guys I miss you very much. Your Christian Solider,  
Elder Asay

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