Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 3

Dear family, 

So we have had such a great week. Last week we started talking to an investigator who's name is Martin, although he is our teacher it's as if he is a completely different person. It's great to get all the different situations before we go out to the field so that we have a little bit of experience under our belts. The lessons are hard and I am having a bit of a harder time with the language, but it's coming along. 

We had two devotionals this week and they were so amazing I wish I could have recorded them for you guys. One was from the MTC Administrator Brother Heaton. He started talking about the Holy Ghost, how he need him there with every lesson we teach. He then went into walking about feeling the Spirit and allowing it to teach just as much if not more. He showed us a page in "Preach My Gospel" about all the different ways we could feel the Holy Ghost if you guys get a chance or can get to a Preach My Gospel I think it would make a huge difference and that could be a family Home Evening. It's under chapter 8 I think. It would also make a great lesson in Priesthood. 

The second one was from Elder Dallin H. Oaks and his wife, yep they came here. They spoke of a lot of things and I wish I had my notes with me so I could just type it all to you, but there are somethings that really stuck out to me. Sister Oaks talked about why where here, learn the language maybe, to learn the Doctrine... Important yes but not quite, it's so that we can learn to love. 

She shares a story of when she was in the MTC her class was so excited to being going out they got the lessons they know how to speak the language they were good. However there was one Elder that had struggled his was through it, While the rest of the Elders and Sister celebrated he started to cry and ran out of the room. The teacher looked at them all and said " You have all Failed, the reason you are here is not to learn the language or the lessons, although those are important, The Main reason your here is to learn to love and care for one another and every single person out there. Now someone go follow him and bring him back to us so that we can show him our love for him." 

She wasn't just telling us this she was pleading with us to get the message and I think I did. Ever since then I have been praying to be able to understand our investigator and to feel the love that Heavenly Father has for them. Elder Oaks talked of us being here as well but one of the best parts that I got from his was a quote, "Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies." He will never leave me alone at a door, in a room, or in any situation of my life for "he has gone before my face he is on my right side and my left." Elder Oaks then went on to talk of why were are the only true and full church here on the earth 1. we have the full doctrine. 2. We have a unique testimony of Christ, and 3. We have the Power of the Priesthood. 

The last thing I want to type about is the special musical number we sang "Praise to the Man" I love being in the choir here the director is awesome and he always strengthens my testimony. Anyways we were singing and he would start talking about Joseph Smith and the first vision and his last ride to Jail. It was amazing as we sang the spirit came over me and the moment I sang "Millions shall know brother Joseph again." It hit me suddenly I want to just up and go forth and tell the world of this amazing man that gave his life so that the fullness of Life, of the Gospel, of Love could be taken to everyone around the world. That song means so much more to me know. I know Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know that he preformed task after task because of that and that while he know his name would be taken for both good and evil he went forward in faith hoping praying and trusting in our Heavenly Father to show him the way. 

I love you guys so much, and I miss you ever day but this is where the Lord needs me and this is where I can be of service to him tell he says otherwise. I love him and ask that you would please pray for me as I go forth with Faith knowing he will direct him to those that he has already prepared. I love you hope to hear from you soon and always remember. When Life gets to hard to stand kneel. 

Trust in God with all they Heart and he will make you whole.

Elder Asay

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