Saturday, November 30, 2013

Week 9 Final pictures from MTC Hurray he is on his way.

Me and My Teacher Brat Zabriskie

District at the Temple

Me and My Teacher Brat Fish

Christmas Lights at the MTC

More Christmas lights at the MTC

And now what I have been waiting for Travel Plans to Czech Slavokia SLC to Dallas To London England and Then to Praugue How cool is that. Wait thats a long trip and you add 8 hours to Utah time.

Wow Josh that is some short hair. Do you actually have to wash that or is it sprayed on. Ha.

Week 9 letters from Mission home to Families

 Since this is a history for Joshua. I thought it would be cool to share the letters the family gets compared to the ones that the missionary gets. We tend to get more complete information from the Mission home than the missionary gets or should I say shares.

Dear Family of Missionaries coming in on December 3rd.

Arrival: We are looking forward to meeting our new missionaries on December 3rd. There are 11 of them – 3 Sisters and 8 Elders – 4 of whom will be serving in Slovakia. We are delighted! J

December 3rd is a Tuesday. The new missionaries are expected to arrive at 2pm. When they arrive I will email you (at least - as soon afterwards as I can) to ensure you of their happy and safe arrival. This email may come later on the 3rd or early on the 4th - depending on whether or not the flight is on time.

I will also email a photo of your missionary with President and Sister McConkie and another photo of them with their companion.

The usual procedure is for the new missionaries to stay in Prague overnight.

The next day the Czech missionaries are taken to the local authorities to be registered and begin their visa work. (The Slovak missionaries begin their visa work in Slovakia a couple of days later.) The missionaries then have an orientation with President and Sister McConkie, meet their companions and then go to their area with their companion. It’s all very exciting!

The next week ALL of the new missionaries and their companions come back together for the day for what we call “New Missionary Training”.

P-Day: Those serving outside of Prague have their P-Day on Mondays so you can expect an email from them then. Those serving in Prague have their P-Day on Saturdays. I will tell you where your missionary is serving when I send you the picture with their companion. That way you can prepare to have them email you on either Saturday OR Monday.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

If ever you have something of a personal nature to discuss with President McConkie then please contact him directly :

With warm regards from …

Sestra Judy Munro

Dear Arriving Missionaries

It won’t be long now and we will be welcoming you to the Czech/Slovak Mission! J

We hope that you have enjoyed your MTC experience so far and that you continue to do so.

There is a Czech Elder in the MTC at the moment. His name is Elder Novotný. He is from Pardubice which is about an hour’s drive east of Prague by car.  He will be leaving to serve his mission in South Africa – Johannesburg – on December 9th I believe – not long after you leave!  Perhaps you have been able to meet him????  What are the chances - as there are sooooo many missionaries at the MTC! J

Attached is some information about what to expect when you arrive in Prague on December 3rd.  Please read it carefully as you will find it very helpful.

Looking forward to meeting you soon. Safe travelling!!!! J

Sestra Judy Munro
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Czech/Slovak Mission

What should I expect to happen when I arrive?
Firstly - President and Sister McConkie and the Assistants will greet you as you come out of customs and into the arrival area at the airport. They will help you to stow your luggage into the mission van and then drive you to the Church Building in Prague which is over the road from the Mission Office. This is a 30 to 45 minute drive – depending on the traffic.

The Church Building in Prague.

The first floor houses the Chapel, Visitors Centre, Kitchen and some Offices.
Classrooms are situated on the second floor.
On the top floor is the Mission Home where President and Sister McConkie live with their family.

Penzion Atelier 12.
 When you arrive at the Church Building you will bring your luggage inside and have a picture taken with President and Sister McConkie.  You will then prepare to go on a ‘Prague Walk’. President McConkie will lead you to a nearby park that overlooks the city. He will explain some important events from this spot. The Assistants will then take you down the hill and into the Old Town where you will have dinner. This will keep you awake until you come back to the Church Building to collect a few things and walk to a nearby Penzion where you will stay for the night.

What clothing should I have ready?
The temperatures have dropped in Prague and we are expecting our first snowfall soon. It will be very cold when you arrive. Please have a warm coat, scarf, gloves and a beanie or warm hat at the ready for when you come out of the airport. If room in your suitcase is tight then you can carry the coat over your arm when you leave SLC and store it in the overhead luggage compartment on the plane. You will definitely need these when you go on your Prague Walk!!

SISTERS – PLEASE WEAR WARM TIGHTS AND FLAT SHOES OR BOOTS! You will be walking on a lot of cobblestones! J

What do I need for the first night?
Please have a change of clothing and a few toiletries ready in the top of your suitcase that you can quickly put into your carry-on bag to take to the Penzion for your overnight stay. You will not be taking your suitcases with you – just the overnight bag.

What will happen on my second day?
After an early breakfast at the Mission Home the Czech missionaries will be taken to the Foreign Police to begin the visa process. The Slovak missionaries will study. When the Czech missionaries return, all will meet with President and Sister McConkie. You will receive some helpful materials to take with you. You will also be introduced to your companion! After having a photograph taken with your companion you will then travel to your area.

When can I contact my family to let them know I have arrived safely?
Your family will be notified when you arrive and will be sent the picture taken with President and Sister McConkie. The next day they will also be sent the picture taken with your companion and they will be told which area you will be serving in. On your P-Day which is either Saturday (for those who serve in Prague) or Monday (for those who serve outside of Prague) you will be able to email home.

Sestra Judy Munro
Czech/Slovak Mission
Executive Secretary