Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Well thanks to anyone who read this Blog. Joshua comes home 10-29-2015 at 930 pm.
Rock On we are so excited to have him home.
Thanks for everyones support.

Final Email 10-24-2015

This last week was amazing We taught our investigators three of which will be getting baptised this next week after I leave. And it was awesome to see these lessons help them come closer to God and progress in the Gospel. I had the Chance to teach Michal the Priest and Prophet this last week and He has just learned so much. he is truely Elect and I am so grateful for him. I love him and I will have to keep in touch with him. Another Investigator has had a hard time with her family but needless to say has chosen to be baptised and next week will be getting baptised. One women that has know that church for a long long time has also decided on being baptised in feburary of next year and she got to hear the story of a member and her conversion as well as see the Joseph Smith Film which helped her ask question and learn. A Man with No faith in God and that Doesn't understand why we need to believe in him commited to read in the book of mormon and pray on his own. Showing God that he is willing to learn if God exists. we also Gave two trainings. The Greatest part. We were sick but God gave us the strength to do it all. He gave us the challenge and We excepted it and we taught and testified anyways. 

I wanted to have this be the close My testimony.

I want you to know this.

I Believe in Christ. He is Gods son. He came, He taught, He blessed and served, he suffered, and He died for us and for our mistakes, sins and short comings. I also Believe and have gained a testimony that becomes stronger as i share it and listen to others that HE LIVES. He is with us to day, every step. encouraging us and lifting us. He has given us prophets scriptures, a connection to God through Prayer, the Gospel and everything we need so that we can return to The Father. Everything has been done and it's up to us to except it. I want to return to God and I know that the only way is through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Christ. Our savior, redeemer, advocate, lekar, friend and brother. I Know he loves us and I know that he is there for us. This is his church and this is his Gospel. I will follow him, I will continue to search out answers and I will remember that revelation comes in different ways and by different means. When we have a question we can knock and it is our job to ask. Heavenly Father will hear and He will answer. This i have learned from experience and from my personal growth while I have been in the Czech republic and is Slovakia. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all and will see you next week

s laskou
Stari Asay


So this week I wanted to make sure that I am staying focused and Working harder then ever. We have had some amazing experiences. I have been able to share my ponderizing verse to many over the course of this last week, it has helped me. We have had amazing lessons with amazing people. Over the course of the last couple weeks. we have been meeting with people who have been wanting and progressing towards baptism. They have really been doing wonderful. 

A highlight of this week was when my companion told me to be more personal in my conversations with people on the street. It really hit me that i had gotten into the mode of saying the same things over and over again. and I realized that I needed to be more personal so that people see what the message means and can do for all of us. So My thought this week is for you to, like the scriptures and president Monson share in General Conference, Let you light so shine so that everyone can see it. Make it meaningful and make it you. This is your chance to lift and encourage someone else that needs you and needs Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more in there lifes.

I love you all.
s laskou 
Starsi Asay


WOW I really am amazing how every six month we get Christmas or i mean General Conference. It is so awesome i have never had such an amazing experience. Truely going into Conference with a question is amazing. It helps me pay more attention and I am loving it. 

We had our amazing friend come to conference today and it was a wonderful experience for all of us. In our last lesson with him we heard his testimony and it was so wonderful and great. This is truly the Power of God helping him learn. He is doing so awesome. 

There have been some wonderful parts of this week. We had an exchange with some Elders that are doing awesome. We ran into a woman who is not a member but works of the Magazines for General Conference and has wanted to talk with missionaries for a long time but they were always talking with someone else or they wouldn't go up and talk to her. Well she does on a trip to prague for one day ends up hurting her tooth, ends up going to a dentist by our building and right after we stop her she goes wait are you Mormons? we said yes, and she told us her story. We gave her a tour of the building and she was so happy. we gave her a book of mormon and we exchanged contact. she wants to meet with missionaries there in her town.

Well we had so many more miracles and i have learned the importance of silence in lessons and letting the Spirit come and teach this week. There is a difference teaching with and without the spirit. We all member and missionaries must always strive to have the spirit with us. It is so worth it. and i know that with all my heart.

thank you for all that you do for me i love you all and hope you have a wonderful day.

s laskou
Starší Asay


We had a great week we have been teaching like crazy. we just got news this last week that one women we teach will be able to and wants to be baptized by the end of this year. Another Young man is working towards baptism and he is coming to the baptism we have today. Everything has been awesome he has truly been one of the most sincere people i have ever taught he is so cool. The sister in our district have been working with this man that will be baptized today and everything just seemed to fall into place for them. The Lord lives he is really and he helps us with everything I know it, i do my best to live it, because i love it and i love the Lord.

sorry it is so short this week but we have to go. I love you all.

s laskou
Starší Asay

p.s. my companion cut my hair last night. it looks pretty good he cut and i but the gel in this morning and it really turned out great.


Well this week was awesome we have to go to a lesson so i will be really quick. 

We got to have some great exchanges and i got to meet a lot of cool people. This last week i also got to watch meet the mormons with some investigators. It is such a strong movie and it is a wonderful way to share the gospel with others and strengthen our own testimonies. 

We not only got to have a training with our zone but we also got to teach with President McConkie and learn from other missionaries while on exchanges. I guess you could say it was a learning week for Elder Karjalainen and I and it was awesome. Well i love you all and hope you had a great week.

well got to go  cau.

s laskou
Starsi Asay 

9-19-2015 Pictures

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